Never By Authority: Why Reason Distrusts Dogma

Reason works. Science works. Together, they form the only credible framework for explaining the world we inhabit. Never By Authority not only affirms this claim but categorically refutes the assertions of dogmatic belief systems. In a fresh approach, the author focuses less on what we know and more on how we know it, a distinction that underpins the disparate worldviews of evidence-based and faith-based ideologies. The result is a robust defense of reason and science as unparalleled tools for discerning fact from fable, for driving enlightened decisions, and for propelling the betterment of our societies.

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The Dialogues: Navigating The Murky Mists Of Mythos To An Enlightened Shore

The Dialogues, the second book of the Never By Authority duology, casts down a gauntlet. It challenges religion, any religion, to demonstrate proof of its faith-based claims. And, notably, it articulates a recipe for proof, a robust prescription of four ingredients that would convince the most resolute skeptic. Yet the tract contends that no religion will ever take up the challenge. The reason is simple. Religion’s mystical assertions – among them the avowal of absolute truth and the attribution of phenomena to unseen beings – will never attain the objective standard of scientific truth. As such, they offer no explanatory or predictive power for the universe we inhabit.

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How To Argue With A Creationist: 10 Creationist Claims And How To Refute Them

Religions of all stripes assert an abundance of mystical claims, among them the primacy of supernatural beings, the ethereal creation of the universe and the verity of Bronze Age parchments. The claims typically offer superficial appeal, but closer scrutiny invariably reveals wishful thinking, fallacious reasoning and want of evidence. From this handbook, learn how to spot the specious claims and how to disprove them.

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