Never By Authority

How can you ascertain whether a claim is valid? Never By Authority responds to this question by examining the origin and validity of religious and scientific claims. In a fresh approach, the author focuses the examination less on what we know and more on how we know it, a distinction that underpins the disparate world views of science and religion. The result is a robust defense of the scientific method as an unparalleled tool for discerning fact from fabrication, one that extends well beyond the perceived boundaries of science –  to ethics, politics and fake news.

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The Dialogues

The Dialogues is a short companion guide to Never By Authority. Join two friends, Salviati and Simplicio, as they further explore the intersection between science and religion. Their dialogues illuminate the existence of absolutes, the nature of evidence and the use of language – three elements that influence both how and what we think.

– Coming to Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle in late 2018 –